• 4-hole rear axle boot

4-hole rear axle boot

Rear axle boot 4-hole, 170V, 170S, 220, 180
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Rear axle boot split 4-hole, 56mm (diameter support tube) for Mercedes 170V *, Va, Vb, Da, Db, 170S, Sb, DS, SD, SV, 220 W187, 180 W120 with two-joint rear axle

Note: There are 2 different cuff sizes 56mm (4-hole) and 52mm (5-hole). If you are not sure, please measure / check beforehand.

* For pre-war 170V, be sure to check the dimensions.

Available from 2 different manufacturers. Almost identical now. (selectable above)

A: very good, fairly accurate, large opening 124mm

B: good, a bit tighter, large opening 122mm (may be a little harder to assemble)

DB Comp.No. 1363510291

Group 35, rear axle

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